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Things to Know About a Child Support Modification

The proper care and provision of a child is a big concern of the courts. For this reason, they take child support modifications very seriously.

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How Big of A Deal Is a DUI/OVI?

When happy hour turns into "how did it get so late," it can be easy to make the decision to hurry up and drive yourself home. After all, you have to work in the morning.

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Why Working with Your Ex on A Custody Plan May Be the Best Choice

When you are going through a divorce, emotions are already high. While some divorces are more contentious than others, none are ever easy. If children are involved, it’s even more complicated.

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Dui Field Sobriety Tests - Should I Take the Tests?

One of the constant questions that I am asked about from somebody who has been pulled over under of suspicion of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs of abuse is whether or not they should take the standardized field sobriety tests or any other field sobriety tests or exercises offered by the police officer or peace officer making such a request.

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What to Do if Your Teenager Is Arrested

Raising children is challenging. Raising teenagers is just downright hard. Trusting them to make the right choices is one of the most difficult aspects of the whole parenting process.

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