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Driving Under Suspension Lawyer in Batavia, Ohio

Driving Under Suspension Is a Serious Offense

If your driver's license has been suspended and the police catch you behind the wheel, you may face significant penalties, including up to six months in jail and a large fine. However, these penalties are often just the beginning of your problems as a conviction for driving on a suspended license may make it difficult to obtain insurance and/or keep your employment, especially if your job requires you to have a license. If you fail to provide proof of insurance when requested, even if you have moved and didn't get the mailed request from the BMV or have drug-related convictions, it can result in a suspension.

Fortunately, Douglas A. Ball, Attorney at Law, and his team of legal professionals are here to help when you find yourself charged with driving under suspension (DUS). With over two and a half decades of legal experience, Douglas A. Ball has a unique understanding of Ohio criminal law, and he knows how to get things done.

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Understanding the Complexities of DUS Charges

Alleged DUS offenses in Ohio can be broken down into two parts: the basis of your original suspension and the penalties for driving while the suspension is in effect. There are actually several reasons under Ohio law in which your license may be suspended, including when:

Depending on the original reason for your suspension, you may face varying penalties if police arrest you on DUS charges. In many cases, a conviction will result in a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Also, your license may be suspended for an additional period of time, your vehicle may be immobilized and, in certain situations, your car may be subject to forfeiture.

It's Important to Call an Attorney Now

Given the severity of these penalties, it is always best to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Call us today, or simply contact us online to set up your FREE initial consultation of up to 30 minutes, in person or by telephone.