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Deciding to file for divorce is a hard enough decision on its own. Let the legal team of Douglas A. Ball, Attorney at Law, help you make the divorce process as smooth as possible while protecting your financial status and emotional well-being.

With more than 30 years of legal experience, Batavia lawyer Douglas A. Ball understands the complex and emotional nature of divorce, and he will do everything possible to help ensure both you and your family are protected throughout the process.

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Are Divorce and Dissolution the Same Thing in Ohio?

In Ohio, you have two legal options if you wish to end your marriage: divorce and dissolution. Essentially, in order to be granted a divorce, you must be able to allege that your spouse was at fault for the marriage's breakdown, that you and your spouse are incompatible, or that you and your spouse have lived separated and apart for more than a year without cohabitation.

In addition, divorces in Ohio can be contested or uncontested. The main difference is that during an uncontested divorce the couple is able to agree on each and every related issue ― such as child custody and support ― while during a contested divorce the court may be asked to resolve these disputes.

Is a Dissolution Right for You?

Unlike divorce, fault is not an issue during a dissolution of marriage. In fact, it is often referred to as a no-fault divorce. There is no requirement of living apart for a year; your marriage can be dissolved (terminated) as soon as 30 days after filing. Also, a dissolution petition is not filed with the court until you and your soon-to-be-ex have reached an agreement regarding ALL issues of property, custody, and financial support.

Helping You Work Through Difficult Issues

Whether you choose divorce or dissolution, the following issues may need to be addressed:

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It is always best to speak with a divorce attorney to explore which options may be best for you and your family. While we encourage out-of-court settlements, Douglas A. Ball will vigorously protect your financial interests and parental rights if litigation becomes necessary.

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