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Are Field Sobriety Tests Fair for Drivers Suspected of OVI/DUI?

The state of Ohio focuses on safe driving, which includes keeping the roads free of drivers who may be under the influence of alcohol.

Someone stopped on suspicion of OVI/DUI could face three field sobriety tests, but based on the driver's physical or mental state, are these tests fair?

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Dealing with License Suspension After an Arrest for OVI/DUI

Driving a vehicle is second nature to most people. You may use your car to get to classes or your job, to run errands or take your family members to school, appointments and various activities.

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OVI, A First-Time Offender and The Impact of Annie's Law

Annie’s Law, or Ohio House Bill 388, became effective on April 6, 2017, and strengthened the penalties for drunk driving in our state.

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Alcohol, How It Affects Your Body and A Possible DUI

As a college student, you enjoy parties and other campus functions with your friends. You may feel that driving is no problem after you have a couple of beers, and the younger you are, the stronger this belief.

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How to Deal with Social Media Before and After a Divorce

There are many considerations to make before proceeding with divorce. For example, you and your spouse will have to get your financial records in order and make plans for where one of you will live for the time being.

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Warrant for Your Arrest? Beware of Expired Sentences Being Imposed!!!

It has very recently come to my attention Criminal cases - especially in Clermont & Hamilton Counties- that warrants for past allegations for people who were to appear in Court and failed to do such or were sentenced to time to serve their sentence but did not are being served these warrants as far back as you can imagine.

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Can You Get an OVI While Riding a Bike, Motorcycle or Even a Scooter?

Now that the temperatures are finally warming up, many Ohio residents are eager to spend time outside. You can do all your favorite outdoor activities again, like hopping on your motorcycle or going for a bicycle ride.

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Basic Facts About Prenuptial Agreements

Happily ever after is no longer the typical wedding ending. With the divorce rate peaking at 55 percent in recent years, couples may want to consider planning their uncoupling before planning their wedding.

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Was the Testing Equipment Used in Your DUI Stop Defective?

Machinery can fail. Tests can have errors. If a law enforcement officer gave you a breath test during your traffic stop on suspicion of DUI, were the results accurate?

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A Guide to Divorcing Peacefully

You may believe an ugly divorce is inevitable, but that is not necessarily true. If you and your ex both dedicate yourselves, you may be able to have a peaceful divorce. It is possible to be decent to one another and minimize the grief.

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