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Property Division Lawyer in Batavia, Ohio

Your Fair Share in Marital Property Division

Ohio divorce law calls for an equitable distribution of the wealth a couple has accumulated during marriage. This can be tricky and contentious, especially when spouses are jockeying for the same assets or cannot agree on the value of property.

Douglas A. Ball, Attorney at Law, can represent you in property division in contested divorce proceedings, or assist with dividing your estate in an uncontested divorce or dissolution. We have handled a wide range of cases in Clermont County and surrounding counties, including complex and high-asset divorce.

Help Regarding Your Shared Assets

Dividing the Marital Estate

Divorce lawyer Doug Ball is a former domestic relations referee with more than 30 years of experience in the local family courts. He works with you and outside professionals as necessary to establish the valuation of assets and to characterize assets as marital property or separate property. Once those issues are clarified, he provides creative bargaining and legal strategies to achieve your priorities and work out a property settlement agreement.

Our legal team is well-versed in the common issues in property division, including:

  • Retirement assets (pensions and qualified plans)

  • Possession of your house or condo

  • Other real estate

  • Stocks and investments

  • Loans and debts

  • Business valuation (or liquidation)

  • Artwork, valuables, and furnishings

  • Vehicles, tools, and equipment

  • "Custody" of pets

  • Spousal support as a factor in negotiations

Know Your Rights!

You don't want a court battle, but you don't want to be taken advantage of. We will explain your rights and help you reach a fair and practical settlement so you can move on from your divorce or dissolution. We are always prepared to go to court to settle a dispute or to enforce a divorce decree after the fact.

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