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Sex Offenses Lawyer in Batavia, Ohio

Sex Offenses Require a Strong and Sophisticated Defense

It's not supposed to be this way in America, but in the eyes of many, those accused of sexual offenses are guilty until proven innocent. The mere allegation can be damaging, and a conviction carries the high price of prison time and sex offender registration.

At Douglas A. Ball, Attorney at Law, in Batavia, you are represented by an accomplished criminal defense lawyer who will vigorously protect your rights, including the right to due process and the presumption of innocence. We will make the government prove its case at trial if we cannot get the charges dismissed or evidence suppressed.

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The Experienced Sex Crime Defense You Need

Doug Ball brings more than 30 years of experience to your case. He has defended adults and juveniles accused of sexual offenses, including:

  • Rape and sexual assault

  • Criminal sexual conduct with children

  • Statutory rape or contributing to the delinquency of a minor

  • Online solicitation of sex with a minor

  • Possession or distribution of child pornography

  • Sexting

  • Indecent exposure

Sexting Can Lead to Criminal Charges

Increasingly, high school students and young adults are facing prosecution for explicit photos and videos shared through smartphones. "Sexting" with a partner is not a criminal offense, but publishing nude photos or sexual acts on a website or broadcasting them on social media can be charged as a felony (pandering obscenity), especially if the subject was underage, incapacitated or secretly filmed.

Douglas A. Ball will exhaust every defense, including Fourth Amendment search and seizure violations, entrapment, or mistaken identity. He will examine the physical evidence, witness statements, and testimony of the victim for opportunities to refute the allegations. By preparing for trial, he puts clients in the best position for an acquittal or favorable plea negotiations.

Sex Offender Registration Is a Heavy Burden

In addition to prison terms, many sex offenses require the person to register as a sex offender with state and local officials for years or a lifetime. This has extreme ramifications for employment, housing, education, and family privacy. Parents need to know that juveniles do not necessarily get off the sex offender registry at age 21 — the sex offender label and reporting requirements may continue into adulthood. For these reasons, sex crime allegations must be aggressively defended.

Everyone Deserves an Aggressive Defense

Whatever the charges, you have rights under the laws of Ohio and the U.S. Constitution. To speak to an experienced sex crime defense lawyer in a FREE initial consultation, call Douglas A. Ball today or contact us online.