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When faced with a situation where I needed legal guidance, Doug was a tremendous help. I spoke to him openly yet casually and he gave me his best legal recommendations. His advice was looking out for my best interest, not his own. He also spoke to me in "conversational" terms that I understood, not "legalese". At a time when I needed help evaluating my options, Doug's advice was extremely helpful.

- Tom Moehringer

Doug has repeatedly provided great legal advice to me in multiple areas of business and personal law. Judges like him and his fees are reasonable. A smart guy with a great sense of humor. I would utilize the services of his team again.

- John Cressey

Doug is a thoroughly professional, high integrity attorney who works in an efficient cost-effective manner.

- Jeff Schilling

I am very pleased with Attorney Ball's prompt and professional manner in the handling of my case. All questions were answered as soon as possible. I was kept informed through e-mails and phone calls every step of the process. I followed his instructions and requests and he delivered. You can trust Mr. Ball's handling of your case. Thank you so much!

- Anonymous

My experience with Mr. Doug Ball has been very positive. Years ago I had retained him to assist me. He went the extra mile to ensure I received the best outcome. Unfortunately, I needed to call on him the 2nd time. Once again, Doug gave me confidence that he was the right attorney I needed to work my case. He worked to ensure I secured driving privileges at the soonest date possible. With juggling activities for my 5 children and a professional job where I needed to drive every day, I was an emotional wreck; wondering how I was going to get through this. He would calm my nerves and make me feel like he was doing everything he could to help me. He went beyond my expectations in researching the current and pending cases to help support my position. In the end, he didn't even need to use this knowledge that he gained from all his research in supporting me in court. However, he was more than prepared to go to battle for me. I also recall that when I didn't understand something he would very patiently explain the alternatives to me several times. I felt like I could trust his judgment and had no doubts about what he was doing to help my case. I feel like I can never repay Doug Ball for all he did for me. I will always be grateful to him. He may look at it like "it's his profession... his job." However this experience affected my life deeply; and I believe without him on my side, I wouldn't be where I am today.

- Tammy S.

Excellent Excellent Excellent! I say this from a personal experience that I had with Attorney Douglas Ball. I turned to him for a legal matter that I was facing where I found myself hopeless and desperate. He was effective in the managing of my court case, including discussions with the Judge that led to minimizing my consequences. He stayed in constant contact with me, always keeping me informed and returned every phone call. Needless to say, I have nothing but good things to say about this law office! Highly recommended attorney.

Thank you

- Lynn Hanson

I would like to say that I found Doug to be very personable and friendly. When he sent me a Happy Birthday note, that not only meant a lot and made me feel good, but it showed he took time out of his very busy schedule to make a point to remember my birthday.

- Michelle Cole

I would be happy to recommend Doug Ball. Doug and his staff were very helpful to me when I needed him. I live 1,000 miles away and needed assistance in the State of Ohio and connected with Doug. He was very accommodating with my schedule and met all of my legal needs. We had an extremely successful outcome.

- Rick S.

Great choice in a difficult time - When we filed for adoption, we had no idea which attorney to choose. There were plenty of television and radio ads touting one large practice over another. After much research and prayer, we decided to visit smaller practices instead to ensure our case and our concerns were not lost in some number mill. Douglas A. Ball was the first small practice that we visited and we decided immediately that he was there for us. So the next question is why we decided immediately to select him. Well at first it was the little things. The receptionist was always quick with a soda or water for us and Kristen could see that we were nervous about this process and she made us feel at ease. Douglas A. Ball. Took take time to simply put us at ease after we arrived in the office. More than that, our attorney, Douglas A. Ball, was there to reassure us when we really needed it. We were terrified, of not knowing what we were supposed to do all we knew then was that we wanted is a baby more than anything in this world. Because we some bad advice from another attorney that lead us in a direction we didn't need to be on. After our first conversation with Doug, we finally had hope for the first time in a very long time. He was always there to answer all of our questions, in person, phone calls, and through many e-mails. Douglas A. Ball represents both our best interest, so his insight into both sides was equally reassuring and helpful. I think we are most grateful to Doug for the care he showed in helping us through this adoption process. That is the most personal and important process because it dictates the course of our lives for years to come. Doug worked with us carefully and thoughtfully to help us file the correct paperwork. His attention to even the smallest details and frankly the care he showed us during the process will not soon be forgotten. So yes, we could have chosen a larger practice and maybe saved a few dollars initially and likewise found ourselves dealing with paralegals more often than attorneys. Instead, we chose Douglas Ball ESQ. and our attorney Doug, not a paralegal, was the person that we worked on our case with from start to finish. Now being on the other side of the Adoption process, we can say with no reservation that it was Doug's attention to detail that will allow us to end this process with a beautiful baby girl that we prayed for many years That is why we would recommend Douglas A. Ball to anyone.

- Joseph and Christy Tolle

Douglas Ball has been my lawyer now for 7 years. He understands the system and is always well prepared for each case, of which we have had many since I hired him for my divorce. We have had multiple post-decree contempt motions. He is fair and works hard for his clients. I recommend Douglas to my friends, and I strongly recommend that you should consider him to handle your case.

- John