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Child Support Lawyer in Batavia, Ohio

Trusted Advocacy During Child Support Disputes

Child support is largely determined by statutory guidelines. But you may have reasons to deviate from the guidelines or doubts about the financial information the other parent has provided. Over time, circumstances may change or the other party may refuse to comply with court orders.

At Douglas A. Ball, Attorney at Law, we provide experienced legal advocacy for the initial determination of support as well as post-decree modifications and enforcement. From our office in Batavia, we handle family law matters throughout Clermont County and surrounding communities of Ohio, including Brown, Warren, and Hamilton.

Work Toward a Fair Arrangement

Come to A Fair and Reasonable Child Support Agreement

The child support guidelines are a starting point. It may be appropriate to adjust the presumptive level, depending on the amount of parenting time and other expenses or needs of the child. Our role is to make sure that the court has accurate information about income and employment and to advocate for upward or downward departure from the guidelines when merited by the unique facts of your case. We handle child support in divorces and paternity cases, including negotiating of child support arrears.

Take Steps to Modify Child Support Terms

Things often change as time passes ― meaning some court orders may no longer reflect reality. Given the inevitability of change, many court orders can be modified, including those related to child custody, child support, and spousal support. The ability of the court to modify child custody or support is always reserved upon a showing of a change in circumstances. Spousal support is only modifiable if the court reserved jurisdiction.

If you have experienced a dramatic increase or decrease in income, you may be able to seek a modification in spousal or child support. Doug Ball can also serve as your lawyer in enforcement actions, such as wage garnishment for unpaid support or interference with visitation rights.

Put the Ball in Your Court!

Ultimately, every situation is different, which is why it is always best to speak to an experienced child support and post-decree motion attorney to explore your rights and options. For your free initial consultation, call today or use our online form to tell us about your issue.