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License Suspension Lawyer in Batavia, Attorney

Help for OVI License Suspension and Driving Privileges

Charges related to impaired driving can trigger suspension of your Ohio driver's license. Loss of driving privileges for any length of time is not merely inconvenient and embarrassing, but may constitute a serious hardship if you cannot drive to work and transport your family. It may even jeopardize your employment.

The legal team at Douglas A. Ball, Attorney at Law, will fight for you if you are facing license suspension or revocation for OVI/DUI, for a breath test refusal, or for driving on a suspended license. Doug Ball draws on 25-plus years of experience in drunk driving defense to challenge the suspension or secure restricted driving privileges for you.

Fight for Your Rights Behind the Wheel

Getting You Back on The Road

Your driver's license is subject to suspension immediately upon arrest for OVI/DUI, but the Ohio statute provides for the possibility of pretrial driving privileges while your case is pending. We go take proactive steps to get you in front of a judge as soon as you are eligible, to secure those privileges as soon as possible. The time to challenge an ALS suspension is limited.

If you lose your ALS hearing or OVI trial, your license will be suspended. However, you may be eligible for limited driving privileges, allowing you to drive to work, school, court appointments, doctor appointments, and other specified travel. Limited privileges are granted at the discretion of the court, and some drivers are not eligible. We will determine if you qualify and skillfully advocate for you in those proceedings.

A Lawyer with Local Knowledge

Every judge handles suspensions and limited privileges differently. Doug Ball's long experience in the local courts helps him take the most beneficial approach for your specific case to preserve your license or regain your ability to drive.

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