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Child Custody Lawyer in Batavia, Ohio

Protecting Your Child's Best Interests and Your Parental Rights

The family courts of Ohio encourage "shared parenting" of children. This does not always mean equal time, and divorcing parents often disagree on the logistics of co-parenting and bigger issues of how to raise their children.

At Douglas A. Ball, Attorney at Law, our philosophy is to foster workable and healthy parenting arrangements. With more than 30 years of experience in family law, we know that some custody disputes inevitably wind up in court. We provide practical guidance for custody agreements as well as vigorous advocacy in divorce and custody litigation, in the family courts of Clermont County and surrounding counties of Ohio.

Protect Your Parental Rights

How Is Custody Determined?

If you and your spouse agree on the terms of custody, you can present a custody agreement and parenting plan to the court for approval. If you are contesting custody in your divorce or fighting for visitation with your child, the court may order a custody evaluation and one or more hearings. The judge's decree is final and binding, so it is critical to have proactive and strategic representation from the very start.

We provide representation for all custody-related disputes, including:

  • Petitions for sole custody

  • Shared parenting, also known as joint custody

  • Paternity actions (custody involving unmarried parents)

  • Parent relocation

  • Modification of custody orders

  • Enforcement of parenting plans and visitation rights

We Strive to Make Complex Issues More Manageable

Child custody matters can be tense and emotional. We help you keep perspective and focus on the big picture — what is best for your child and how to work cooperatively with your co-parent for the years ahead.

We work from your priorities. To schedule your free initial consultation of up to 30 minutes with Batavia lawyer Doug Ball, call today or contact us online to discuss your legal questions.