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The Experience You Need For A Juvenile Family Law Issue

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Juvenile delinquency and juvenile criminal cases are not the only areas of law that may impact those under the age of 18 in Ohio. For instance, if it is alleged that a child is being neglected or abused, Child Protective Services (CPS) will likely investigate, and if the allegations are substantiated, CPS will often seek the juvenile court’s permission to remove the child from the parent’s care and place him or her with someone else – often a relative or foster family.

As you can imagine, these types of cases are generally quite complex, and often involve many related family law issues, including child custody and grandparent visitation. We can also assist you with juvenile cases related to paternity, child support, Child Support Enforcement (CSE) and motions to modify all of the above

Experienced And Dedicated Legal Guidance

At the law office of Douglas A. Ball, Attorney at Law, we take juvenile cases seriously. No matter whether your child has been charged with delinquent acts or you need assistance with allegations of juvenile neglect, we can help. We can even assist you with all related family law disputes.

With more than two and a half decades years of legal experience, lawyer Douglas A. Ball understands Ohio juvenile law, and he will put this experience to work for you.

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To schedule an up to 30-minute FREE in person or phone consultation with an experienced juvenile law attorney, email us online or call us at 513-286-3530. From our office in Batavia, we serve clients throughout Clermont County and the surrounding areas, including those in Hamilton, Warren and Brown counties. There is no time to waste when your child’s future is at stake.