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Warrant for Your Arrest? Beware of Expired Sentences Being Imposed!!!

May 17, 2019

It has very recently come to my attention Criminal cases - especially in Clermont & Hamilton Counties- that warrants for past allegations for people who were to appear in Court and failed to do such or were sentenced to time to serve their sentence but did not are being served these warrants as far back as you can imagine. Technology has caught up with the old paper records folks. They are reissuing outstanding warrants as far back as 30 years!

Just because it is old, you moved, you thought it was in the past, you've been pulled over for a ticket, or you simply just forgot... That next traffic ticket might catch you completely off guard...and possibly in cuffs.

Many of you may have been turned away if you did turn up to serve a jail sentence because the jail was full and you were never given a new date to return to jail. The Court loses jurisdiction to impose a sentence after 5 years, absent some kind of tolling factor that stops the statute of limitations from running.

The Courts have recently been finding old cases in which the person never served their jail time and is attempting to have hearings to send you to jail. If there is nothing that has tolled the statute of limitations this is illegal and I have been successful in getting these cases dismissed. Please visit us at www.douglasaball.com for more information. A quick call can potentially save you from any further consequences. I'm here to help you.