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Divorce And Family Law For Military Families

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Members of the military have unique considerations in divorce and custody matters. It is essential to work with a lawyer who is knowledgeable about military divorce and related legal issues.

You can turn to the Batavia law practice of Douglas A. Ball, Attorney at Law, for experienced representation in these cases. We have represented active duty and retired Army military personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Reservices) and members of the Ohio National Guard, as well as their civilian spouses, in the family courts of Clermont County and Warren, Brown and Hamilton counties.

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You can’t hire just any lawyer. Douglas A. Ball has the specific experience you need to navigate the local courts and related military issues. Get a FREE consultation of up to 30 minutes, by phone or in person, by calling 513-286-3530, or contact us online.

Issues In Military Divorce

One of the primary concerns for military couples is the division of military pensions. The law gives civilian spouses an equal share of those retirement benefits if the marriage overlapped with 10 years of military service. If you were not married that whole time, the spouse’s portion is prorated. If a military spouse has not served 10 years, the divorce decree can be written to protect that share if he or she later becomes fully vested.

Another common scenario is spouses who move back home to Ohio to file for divorce, or to file for custody relocation after divorce. Military personnel are protected under the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act; a civilian spouse or parent cannot obtain a default judgment while the spouse is stationed or deployed outside Ohio. Those proceedings are delayed to give the military member notice and opportunity to protect their parental rights and financial interests. The court can also appoint an attorney to protect the service member’s interests.

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These are just some of the special considerations of military divorce. Douglas A. Ball will explain your rights and take steps to protect you and achieve your goals. To speak with a military divorce attorney in a free initial consultation, call 513-286-3530 or use our online form.