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Defend Yourself Against Assault And Domestic Violence Charges

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Many of our clients are surprised to find themselves charged with assault, or alarmed to learn of the serious consequences they face. You need to know your rights if you have been arrested or investigated for assault or domestic violence. You need an attorney who can leverage your rights to protect your freedom and your future.

Douglas A. Ball handles misdemeanor and felony charges in Batavia, Clermont County and the surrounding Ohio communities. He will fight unfounded or inflated allegations and work to mitigate the penalties of a plea or conviction.

Put The BALL In Your Court!
Douglas A. Ball‘s courtroom skills and knowledge of the local justice system can make all the difference when you are accused of assault charges or spousal abuse. He offers a FREE consultation of up to 30 minutes, by telephone or in person. Call 513-286-3530 or
contact us online.

Allegations Of Assault Or Threats Of Violence

Douglas A. Ball practices in both criminal courts and family courts. He can defend you against any criminal charges and represent you in related legal proceedings such as restraining order hearings or allegations of abuse in divorce and custody disputes.

He has experience with an array of charges:

  • Simple assault
  • Assault and battery (bodily harm)
  • Aggravated assault (serious injury or use of a weapon)
  • Domestic assault of a spouse, partner or family member
  • Stalking or harassment
  • Sexual assault

Assault does not necessarily involve physical contact or injury. It may be slapping, punching or kicking, but it can also apply to shoving someone, restraining them, breaking or throwing things, verbally abusive tirades, menacing gestures or threats of violence. We make sure that your side of the story is told, and explore defenses and mitigating factors such as self-defense, provocation or the victim’s intoxication.

You Don’t Want An Assault Conviction On Your Record

Assault charges may or may not result in jail time. You may be ordered by the court to attend anger management or substance abuse treatment. You may be kicked out of your own home and prevented from seeing your own children. You may be prohibited from possessing firearms. The conviction may scare off potential employers.

We do everything we can to resolve assault charges or domestic violence allegations without an assault conviction. If we can’t get the case dismissed outright, we can sometimes get it reduced to a lesser offense such as disorderly conduct or simple assault.

Protect Your Rights

Even if you think the incident was minor, a judge may not see it that way. Even if the victim won’t press charges, the prosecutor may. Don’t take any chances with assault or domestic violence charges. Contact Douglas A. Ball, Attorney at Law, in Batavia for a free initial consultation. Call 513-286-3530 or use our online form.